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Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

All InterAmerican Car Rental vehicles are comprehensively insured. The details of the cover for Personal Accident will be provided on request. ** All our cars are comprehensively insured, and your liability will be limited @ AED 1000/- , in case of an accident due to your fault (which includes hit-and-run) as evidenced by the Police report. Clients have option to purchase CDW to waive this clause.

The monthly rate also includes complete routine servicing including oil changes. For new vehicles, the first service will take place at 1000 kilometers and thereafter at every 10,000 kilometers or at three monthly intervals, whichever comes first. Repairs that are a result of normal wear and tear are also covered under this heading. All maintenance will be carried out either in InterAmerican Car Rental workshop or at the dealer workshops as and when required. Lessee will be responsible for any kind of vehicle misuse (misuse: motor sport, fun drive, rallying, towing or any activities that may damage the vehicle) & the repair charges will be debited on Lessee’s account.

2.1 : Tires

Normal tire life is 60000 kilometer as per the manufacturer. Lessor is responsible for the change of tires in every 60000 kms. In case the tires need to be replaced before the above mentioned period, the cost of it has to be shared between the Lessor and the Lessee on a pro rate basis. Tire replacements due to the negligence of the Lessee will be at the Lessee's expense

2.2 : Hirer’s Negligence

The hirer is responsible to ensure that all the times the vehicle is kept correctly filled with engine oil, coolant, battery water and other fluid levels as well as the tires are kept properly inflated and the odometer and other instruments are not interfered with or damaged. Failure to carry out these checks could result in damage to the vehicle. Any charges for servicing or repairs as a result of this negligence will be charged to lessee. Hirer is not supposed to drive the vehicle in water flood or saline water. In such cases, lessee is responsible to pay all charges for servicing or repairs as a result of engine/vehicle damage.

InterAmerican Car Rental will conduct its vehicle check on all vehicles after completion of service or repairs before being delivered to ensure that all vehicles are in excellent condition.

Under normal circumstances the car should not be moved until police have arrived and given permission for this to be done. This condition is waived if the accident does not result in injuries to people or serious damage to vehicles. In such a situation vehicles must be moved to ease traffic flow. In the event of an accident, a police report and repair slip must be obtained from the appropriate police station. Whenever the leased car is considered as total loss, the contract would be closed and no replacement would be offered. A new quote with the current new market price would be submitted if recommended by the client. Lessee is not supposed to move/drive the vehicle if there is any water or oil leakage or warning light indicator.

InterAmerican Car Rental shall deliver the brand new vehicle within 15 working days in normal situation. In the event that the vehicle is not available from the dealer; InterAmerican Car Rental will not be deemed liable for any delays this shall cause. However, client can have a similar replacement vehicle immediately upon order confirmation, and can keep the same until receipt of the brand new vehicle.Standard delivery will be done in 3 hours on receipt of payment and the documents from the client depending on the city Limits.

The lessee or renter will be entitled to a similar group replacement vehicle when the leased vehicle is in for service or repairs.
Tel: +971 4288 3011 or book through www.InterAmericancarrental.com

InterAmerican Car Rental LLC provides 24/7 support in the event of an emergency +971 55 101 8101.

The lease rates given with the above offer are limited to 250 daily / 1500 weekly and 4500 per month. ( Promotional Monthly Rates will have Mileage Slab restrictions depending on the Offer which customer Chooses . Please call our agent to Clarify ) Excess Mileage will be charged as per BCR TARIFF

Note : All vehicles including 4X4 are designed for paved road use only. Desert off-road usage is not permitted and any such associated damage is chargeable in full.

Whenever customer/user returns the original/ replacement vehicle to any of InterAmerican Car Rental Stations/ Service Centre; customer/user has to take back all valuables and personal belongings; InterAmerican Car Rental is not responsible in case of any losses or damages of such belongings under InterAmerican Car Rental custody.

Lessee & passenger should not smoke inside the InterAmerican Car Rental vehicles. There will be a charge of AED 300 if the returned vehicles smell smoke cigarettes & butts. Also the passenger has to ensure the vehicle is kept in good & clean conditions .if the seats are soiled and need to be shampooed additional cost may incur which we will notify at the time of service or when the vehicle report for maintenance.

At the time of vehicle off hire and replacement, lessee has to fill the fuel tank same as of vehicle check out. Otherwise there will be an additional 25 % service charge on top of fuel difference charge.

InterAmerican Car Rental will appoint a Service Coordinator for the lessee. The Service Coordinator will be provided with a mobile telephone to be accessible 24 hours in the event of an emergency. InterAmerican Car Rental will also provide 24 hours support services including towing services, arranging replacement vehicles. For after office hours emergencies, please call our counter tel #: +971 4288 3011 or +971 55 101 8101

InterAmerican Car Rental will provide a free delivery and collection service within city limits of Dubai & AUH when the leased vehicle is due for service. Outside the emirate delivery charges will be applicable depending on location.
In case of cancellation while car is being dispatched already to the location specified , there will be a delivery fee of AED 150/- which will be charged as cancellation charges which will be billed to the customer .

The rates given with the above offer are limited to Daily: 250, Weekly: 1500 & Monthly 4500kms, For leasing the mileage will be mentioned above.

Any company appointed driver above the age of 21 holding a valid driving license in the UAE is entitled to drive the leased vehicle under full insurance coverage.

  1. Express consent from InterAmerican Car Rental LLC.
  2. Driver must be 25 years of age or older and holds a one year & above valid UAE issued driving license.
  3. Additional Driver can be added subject to above described driver qualifications and will be charged at AED 100/- per month.
  4. Driving License: Kindly note for the users driving under the international license on visit visa are requested to change their International License immediately to local License on transferring the visa status to residence or employment. Failing the same BCR takes no responsibility for the fines incurred or imposed by Authority.
  5. If the license is not transferable other than the permitted countries users are requested to return the vehicle immediately. Failing so if any accident happens the insurance doesn’t cover any such claim, user will be fully responsible for the charges incurred on the same to repair the vehicle.

All costs incurred as a result of fines, Salik and other penalties (imposed by the traffic police or any other authorities for traffic violations) that take place during the lease contract will be the lessee’s responsibility and recovered accordingly. Traffic fine surcharge will be AED 40/- per traffic fines and salik will be AED 5/ per crossing. Major traffic offenses BCR will charge AED 250/- as Admin charges for each fine to clear the same.

The vehicle will not be used for transportation of any illegal substances (Alcohol, drugs and etc.) or transports merchandise or transport for hire or any other illegal act. In case of fines or confiscation of the vehicle, the hirer is responsible for payments for all damages to the owner, like full value of the vehicle, fines, claims of passengers or third party and loss of income.

In the event that the lessee returns the leased vehicles to InterAmerican Car Rental before the expiry of the lease contract the below charges will be applicable.

Contact Termination Penalty Clause
Promotion Rate Rental will not be refundable if returned before 31 DAYS
1 Year Contract 01-12 months ( 2 months penalty if returned before 12 months
2 year Contract 0 -12 months ( 2 months Penalty for 1st Year )
13-24 months ( 1 month Penalty for 2nd Year )
3 year Contract 0 -12 months ( 3 months Penalty for 1st Year )
13-24 months ( 2 month Penalty for 2nd Year )
25-36 months ( 1 month Penalty for 3rd Year )

The vehicle quoted is subject to availability based on dealer stocks and specifications could change depending on dealer imports.

Lessee is not permitted to take the rental/lease vehicle out of UAE. If lessee wants to take the vehicle to Sultanate of Oman, the following things are required from InterAmerican Car Rental.

  • No objection letter
  • Original registration card
  • Oman Insurance * ( Charges Applies )

Tinting of vehicle window glass is not permitted for rent a car as per the UAE traffic law. Failure to this law, traffic department may impose a fine for which Lessee is responsible to pay it with admin charges to InterAmerican.

The monthly rental is in AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham’s) per month. In the case of lease, the payment is to be made in 2-3 months in advance and this advance payment will cater for the last 3 month’s rental.

(Corporate Client) : LPOs will be accepted only if signed by the authorized signatory and as per the credit facilities which have been approved and billing will be as per the terms and conditions approved by InterAmerican . All credit terms approvals are subject to management approvals. All payments should be made through named bank cheques endorsed toInterAmerican CAR RENTAL L.L.C.

In case of Cash or Bank Transfers, the same can be deposited to below account.

Bank Details :
Account Title : InterAmerican CAR RENTAL L.L.C.
Bank Name & Address : Emirates NBD PJSC, Al Maktoum Br, Dubai UAE
Swift Code : EBILAEAD
IBAN Number : AE740260001011298219901
Account Number 1011298219901


Advance payment & security Amount (pre-auth) equivalent to the rental amount will be taken before delivery. The pre-auth will be automatically renewed till the contract expires. Traffic fines &Salik will be automatically debited to given credit / Debit card as and when it’s being posted by the authority.

Debit Card Payment: (Subject to Approval)

Advance payment &security deposit Amount of AED 2000/- or equivalent to the rental amount will be taken before delivery. The security deposit will be only refunded after 30 days on return of the vehicle if there is no pending outstanding on the contract.

Additional driver can only be accepted following submission of the relevant driving licenses and passport copies, and are subject to Lessor driver qualification requirements in accordance with UAE law.

  1. On the termination date of the lease contract, the lessee undertakes to return the lease vehicle to lessor in a same and good condition.
  2. Lessor reserves to charges the lessee for any repairs that not considered fair wear and tear based on the return checklist.
  3. After the committed lease period, lessor reserves the right to cancel the lease without prior notification to the lessee.
  4. In the event that the lessor has no objection to extending the lease, Lessor will continue billing on the same until such time as a facsimile or email address to lessor is received stating intended date and time of return of the lease vehicle.

InterAmerican Car Rental will provide NOC letter to Mawaqif for getting residence parking permit for the lessee. But InterAmerican Car Rental will not take any responsibility in case Mawaqif authority rejects Lessee’s request.

For Off hiring the vehicle, customers are requested to officially send an email addressing to sales@InterAmericancarrental.ae or call at any of our office location numbers and to take the collection reference numberfor your record. In case any request has been missed out, customer will be liable for the charges till the date of return.Until the above information has been furnished.

On returning the vehicle , InterAmerican Car Rental LLC will require the vehicle to be returned with the same condition as it was delivered, if not charges will apply , we will be taking AED 1000 security pre-auth on credit card pertaining to knock off any outstanding charges like Rental, Fuel, Damages, Salik, Traffic fines etc ..Or any other related charges pertaining to the agreement & authorizing to charge immediately.

Any breach of these Terms and Conditions can result in Lessor repossessing the car without prior notice.

Customers who wish to renew the contract after 30 days are requested to call any BCR location 2-3 days in advance and make the payment. Failing to respond to the calls or emails BCR reserves the right to charge the customer given credit card on the Due date or pull back the vehicle and move the vehicle status to wanted List.



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